Squeezing Out All The Fun To Be Had in This Shortening Summer Season

It’s a painful realization as the calendar flips to August – it’s the month which hosts the halfway point of summer. You’ve already enjoyed July 4 fireworks, countless BBQ’s and weenie roasts, Saturdays on the beach. The days are beginning to shorten in an ever-increasing way, and you know it’s back to school time soon. Soon the nights will become lonely and cool and your fun will be at an end. So when it turns to August, it’s important to enjoy a little before it’s too late. Here are some things you can do to make the most of the time you have before the crushing depression of real life comes crashing back on top of you.

Impromptu Vacation


If you whine about not being able to afford an impromptu vacation, you might as well just jump off a cliff and end it all, because life is made for living, and what’s a few extra dollars here in there. You can’t take it with you after all. And you also can’t take that credit card debt with you. So who cares? Find a saver fare on some online cheap airline place and go somewhere awesome. Go to Hawaii. Go to Puerto Rico. It doesn’t matter. Just get up and go somewhere for a few days or, ideally, a week. Actually 10 days is the perfect vacation. Long enough to get out of town, but also by the end you’ll actually be ready to come back to your life. Don’t make excuses, make fun.

Buy a New Car


You know what sucks? Your car. You spend a lot of time in it driving here and there and doing errands and picking up friends and crushing to Home Depot. Might as well enjoy your time in there instead of always worrying that it’s about to break down, or, what’s that noise, or it’s never felt like this before. That kind of worry can really get a guy or gal down. The auto industry is still reeling and is trying to come out of its hole it dug for itself so there are great deals that can be had on cars of all kinds. For example, head into garden grove dodge and you will most likely be able to walk away with a cool new Dodge. After all, no one really wants a Dodge so they’ll be willing to make a deal. Start looking at http://www.ocauto.com to see which strikes your fancy.

Swim Swim Swim with a Swing


What separates summer from winter? In the summer we like to swim. So don’t let this summer go by without getting your fair share of swimming it, whether it be at the lake or the ocean or a crick or a creek. Submerge yourself in Mother Nature’s finest, the waters that run her lands. You’ll be thankful you did. It’s the little things that can really make your life worth living and the Autumn and Winter not so bad.

2001 Audi RS4 – Jeroen Jacobs


You should know some things before you meet Jeroen Jacobs. For starters, if you’re in a rush, never ask him if he’s built any VW or Audi project cars before. Before dinner, the chances are slim that you’ll be home!

The man behind J-Wheels in Belgium is a VAG fanatic, with his big list of former projects culminating in thisby way of a 3B Passat with polished Lorinser wheels. And then came a 3BG Passat embellished with Rial Daytona wheels and his first foray into air-ride.

Next, listed was a B4 Audi A6 with polished BBS A6 wheels. Before he returned into a Mk2 GTI with 17 BBS RS and a rollcage, it would make way for a 3C Passat on polished Benz rims, however. The genuine classics weren’t avoided either. At some point, Jeroen piloted a 1964 split-window VW Bus, soon followed by a 4F Audi A6 on RS4 wheels.

2001 audi RS4 rotiform IND monolook SuperConcave wheels 08

2001 audi RS4 rear fascia 07

2001 audi RS4 driver side profile 06

The RS4 rims enjoyed a special attraction for Jeroen, not given that they were special but because they were stolen during the 2012 Worthersee Tour!

The RS4 die was cast and the culmination of this extended list was the 2001 RS4 the thing is here, however. It currently shares garage space by using aAs the RS4 was in such a great condition, Jeroen chose to leave it as stock as you possibly can. But because he’s a genuine wheel whore, Jacobs couldn’t resist changing things up.

He tried several sets, but none captured his heart until he met Shiv from Diegn4Automotive in England. This meeting led to some Rotiform IND three-piece Monolook SuperConcave wheels. While he wanted something completely different as to what other people had fitted, these folks were perfect for his B5 RS4.chosen to polish the rims as well as spray the centers by having an anthracite lacquer to make them more unique.

Ensured people would hear him coming by fitting a Supersprint exhaust, but otherwise the 380hp V6 biturbo remains untouched, for now.., although since Jeroen planned to return to Worthersee 2013 with two other RS4s, he was confident the Avant would stand out.To obtain the perfect stance, Jeroen dedicated to KW Variant 3 coilovers that provided a compliant but controlled ride. However, the 19 wheels had made the stock brakes look rather puny, so a set of brakes were obtained from the later B7 RS4 and fitted to the older model. The eight-piston calipers were painted Lamborghini yellow to stand out up against the wheel centers. One more modification would come before his visit to Worthersee – bored in the long winter, Jeroen and friend Krick decided to wrap the body in Frozen Grey vinyl from Hexis. It has a pearl effect that changes color in sunlight, giving the car another eyecatching highlight to separate it from your other RS4 they might see. Not that these cars are a common sight anywhere, with his well chosen upgrades, this one can getsound system