Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six: Behind the Scenes Exclusive


I’ve got to say, it was an enormous honor being on set as one of the three photographers in the filming of Need for Speed: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six. Some of my closest friends work with Block, either at Hoonigan, Hoonigan Racing or GoPro, and overall, it’s pretty amazing to see a group as talented as this combine to create something so f**ing awesome. Here you will find exclusive behind the curtain photos together with imagery Hoonigan used in its promotion for this particularin the Las Vegas premiere party, a select few of us watched the video with an eardrum collapsing volume on a massive projector screen in the rented out floor in the Palms Hotel & Casino – it was badass. But the funny thing was that afterwards Mr. Because it’s harder and harder to top the earlier video, block took the microphone and honestly confessed that each Gymkhana video royally screws him. “How do youto the original roots of the first videos; revealing car control, precision and just how nimble his batshit crazy 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 around the sick fifteen52 wheels actually isfor this particular video ended up being to create the ultimate Gymkhana GRID course and it was undeniably a success. It’d be nuts to see a GRID competition on a course like this, mirrored with two drivers head-to-head. Will which happen? You should thoroughly enjoy this video, filmed and assembled by the video geniuses at Logan Media, though who knows… Until then.