2013 Nissan GT-R – Bulletproof In Azerbaijan


No, this isn’t the title to Ken Follett’s next best seller. Nor will it be the plot to the next James Bond film. And what you have here isn’t just another Godzilla invades! graphic novel, either. No, this really is a true story about a man in an exotic, far-off land who wanted the fastest car in the country, and that he wanted it with a two-year warranty. Sure, this mystery man from Azerbaijan-a small republic that was once a part of the Soviet Union and is now sandwiched between Russia and Iran across the western shore of the Baltic Sea-could have just written a major, fat check to Ferrari or Lamborghini and called it per day. But Ramal, whose surname has been withheld to protect his status since the most interesting man on earth, wanted something that wasn’t just faster than a run-of-the-mill supercar. He desired to feel the mythical power of Godzilla throughout the seat of his finely tailored linen pants while simultaneously turning any nearby exotics into mere specks in his rearview mirror.

To accomplish these lofty and totally awesome goals, Ramal looked to Bulletproof Automotive, a California-based distributor of your very finest tuning parts from Japan. , despite the fact that bulletproof isn’t just a purveyor of rare JDM goodies Led by serial entrepreneur Ben Schaffer, these guys also specialize in building completely turnkey projects this way one, along with their numerous high-profile SEMA project car builds. In fact, Bulletproof has become well known as an exporter of custom cars and is set up being aAs Ben explained, Ramal wanted us to get him a brand-new ’13 GT-R and export it to Azerbaijan. He tell us this would be the first GT-R ever in Azerbaijan, but that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to have the fastest car in their country. On the next couple weeks, detailed conversations were had discussing his dreams to the car. How he wanted it to search, how he wanted it to perform. His driving style and how he would utilize the car. And, of course, how you can reach each one of his goals responsibly, based on his pre-planned budget. Fortunately for the results of the car, his budget was something that would allow us to build him a really well-balanced machine that is outstanding in all areas. We certainly had enough to work with to do things in our usual no-corners-cut style.””, even though this was not a limitless budget build””

Some clients would like to hand over the reins and let Bulletproof design the complete build, while others have very specific requirements and ideas that really must be integrated into the method. According to Ben, Ramal really only had two things on his must-have list in the first place: He wanted a Wald body kit, and he wanted a Super Silver GT-R being purchased. So, we started there. A brand-new 2013 was purchased, found for the very best price in the East Coast, and then shipped to our offices in L . A .But one that would be shipped to the opposite side of the world, into a country without having other GT-R owners and no GT-R trained technicians, the Bulletproof crew needed to generate a solid plan on the powertrain, because this wasn’t just a high-end build. We made the strategic choice to go to our longtime engine-building partner, Switzer Performance, as Ben explained. And these people have a two-year warranty with no nonsense results, we like Switzer because we’ve done many cars with them. As opposed to a mix-and-match power package, we entrusted Switzer on the full power package, which yielded 1,200 hp with all the two-year warranty intact!

Before shipping the car off to Switzer in Ohio, the Bulletproof boys first stripped the interior of Ramal’s brand-new R35 so they could fit it because of their GT-RR and Brand RR carbon-fiber enhancements.While the Wald kit was well-known by this time, we wanted to spice it up a little, so we added our own one-off carbon-fiber addition to the top in the front bumper, as Ben told us. This extra carbon-fiber design element was painted around and shaped to create an elongated hood effect with all the Carbon Dry Japan hood that was selected. We also reshaped the steering wheel and remade it in carbon fiber and wrapped it in Alcantara. Plenty of additional custom carbon fiber was used throughout the interior to include an aspect of exotic class, something that the Nissan falls a bit short on compared to its supercar rivals.

If it country is well off of the beaten path, of course, there’s a lot more to building a well-balanced, supercar-eating GT-R capable of claiming fastest car in the country status, even. So, bulletproof convinced him that a serious brake upgrade was a necessity when slowing a 13 and 200hp,800-pound beast just like the GT-R, although Ramal opted to keep the suspension stock because of the rough roads in Azerbaijan. Ramal decided to never take any half measures and anted up for the mother of all brake kits, the carbon ceramic Alcon CC-X big brake conversion, as Ben put it. Also, he went to the highest spec, lightweight, modified ADV1 Track Spec SL ADV10 wheels pushing 21×12.5 inches wide in the rear with massive 355/25ZR21 Pirelli P-Zero rubber to assistin the local tea house while he waited for the following e-mail update to come in from Bulletproof. Being thus far removed from this sort of expensive and extreme build must have been excruciating, even for a man we presume to get the pain tolerance of Rambo and the discipline of Bruce Lee (not forgetting the bankroll of Donald Trump).

Naturally, you can’t build a $300,000 GT-R rather than give it a proper shakedown before loading it into a shipping container. That it have also been totally civilized and would perform flawlessly as a daily driver for Ramal, whilst the tough job of road testing this monster fell on Ben’s shoulders, and he confirmed it was not only obscenely powerful and brutally fast. If you’d like to hear it rip, jump onto YouTube and search for 1,200hp custom GT-R by Bulletproof Automotive. You should be warned, you could have an eargasm.

Now landed in Azerbaijan, how may be the mysterious Mister Ramal enjoying his bespoke GT-R? They have apparently reported back to the group at Bulletproof Automotive and is also on record stating that it must be indeed the fastest car in the united states-which he’s loving every minute of it. Mission accomplished, as Ben put it. Now on to the next supercar build for the next international man of mystery.